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Help me advance my vocabulary range & fluency.

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Help me get a high band score in my IELTS exam.

I need to pass ielts

Help me develop the skills to succeed at University.

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To join Hippo’s courses, you need to be open-minded. Using Niamh’s approach explores the best of all methods. You will be surprised about the things you thought you already knew. Certainly, it is worth it.. 

Nurse, The Phillipines

The IELTS Reading & Writing lessons are magnificent. I recommend doing online lessons with Niamh as they have made me feel more confident rather than doing self-study & hopefully it will help me to get a scholarship for university.

Layal, Syria
Layal, Syria
Chemistry Student, Syria

Hippo has encouraged me to overcome my fears in order to express my insights and opinions clearly in English without feeling judged.

Nurse, The Phillipines

Niamh encourages all of her students to become autonomous (independent) learners and create critical friendship groups by constantly encouraging us.The strategies & techniques that I have accumulated with Hippo’s courses have helped me complete my Diploma in Teaching & Education and given me the confidence to go to Australia and perhaps complete my PGCE in the future.

Trainee Teacher, Hong Kong/UK
A little more about us...

Niamh & Rob founded Hippo in early 2017. We are both designers and passionate about creating new and improved ways that students can learn to develop their own voice to succeed at higher level & beyond. This is important to us as Niamh has lived & worked in Indonesia, countries in Africa & South America and couldn’t speak the language!

Our expertise is in educational design, course creation, English language teaching, software development, user experience design, building learning communities, drinking coffee and understanding what is missing for learners so that we can fix it.

Our Story...
Help me to advance my vocabulary range & fluency
Get the hippo App
Help me to get a high band score in my IELTS exam
i need to pass ielts
Help me develop the skills to succeed in university
I need those skills